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Category: Tidbits

Animal Facts

The blue whale is the largest creature that has ever lived on earth. It tips the scales at a whopping 170 tons – that’s the same as about 22 elephants.

Amazing and Weird Facts About Animals

There are only 3 animals w/ blue tongues; the black bear, the chowchow dog, and the blue tongued lizard. Camels have 3 eyelids An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s

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* Uno, a beagle that won Best in Show at this year’s Wesminster Kennel Club Dog Show, has become a certified therapy dog. Uno will spread cheer at hospitals, nursing

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*Researchers in Austria found that dogs can classifly complex color photographs and place them into categories with computer automated touch screens. While this demonstrated that dogs are able to form

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* The latest weapons in the war against bedbugs, which have become an epidemic in New York City are Mardi Gras, Jada, and Taz. Canine teams from Advanced Canine Dectives

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* The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act became law in May. The act prohibits insurance companies from using genetic information to deny, cancel, or charge more for coverage; it also prohibits

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* The story of a rescued cat that lived for 19 years in a small town library has sold for about $1.25 million. Grand Central Publishing bought the book, entitled

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* The Association of American Veterinary Colleges (AAVMC) has established the Senator John Melcher DVM Leadership in Public Policy Award to be given annually to a current or former faculty


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