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Category: Foreign Body

What will your pet eat??

Top 10 items ingested by pets reported by VPI Pet Insurance 1. Socks2. Underwear3. Pantyhose4. Rocks5. Balls6. Chew Toys7. Corn Cobs8. Bones9. Hair Ties/Ribbons10. Sticks

Searching for Treasure

This is a local story, this happened in Rockville the other day…….. A dog named Soli with expensive tastes swallowed a diamond worth 20-thousand US dollars, causing panic for the

When Good Dogs Eat Bad Things

Top 10 Things Dogs Shouldn’t Eat, but Do 10 things dogs eat, but shouldn’t. It was kind of interesting, but none all to surprising. Here’s his top ten list: 10:

Fishing for Chihuahuas

My name is Rock Star and this morning I caused my Mommy some undue stress.  I climbed into my kennel last night at bedtime. My Mommy brought me a nice


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