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Category: Bichon Rescue

Looking for a great doggie gift?

Looking for a great doggie gift? Well then check out www.bichonrescueboutique.com. There are a variety of useful pet products such as car seats, no hands leashes, anxiety wraps, breed specific

Novartis Donates Interceptor

Over the summer Novartis Animal Health commited to donating free Interceptor (heartworm and intestitnal parasite preventative) to the rescue of KAH’s choice. We chose Maryland Bichon Frise Rescue (MBFR) for

Lucky Misty!

Misty is a 17-year-old bichon frise who just well may be one of the luckiest dogs ever. Misty had a set of very unfortunate circumstances that left her in a

Happy Ending

Above: Scruffy is reunited with his happy owners. A little stray dog was found wandering the streets of Baltimore. He was turned over to Maryland Bichon Frise Rescue (www.bichonbash.com) because


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