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Calling All Dogs

The Eastern Veterinary Bloodbank Needs Your Help!!!

The Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank is an all-volunteer canine blood bank and they are having a blood shortage. Could your dog be a blood donor “Hero” for someone else’s canine companion?

Benefits to Donating:
 Dog receives a Physical Examination prior to each donation.
 Free Blood Tying
 Free Blood Chemistry and CBC
 Free Heartworm test
 Free Ehrlichia, Hemobartonella, and Babesia testing (diseases spread by ticks)
 Brucella testing
 For each unit of blood donated, the donor is eligible to receive one unit of blood or plasma should illness or injury occur.

Donor Requirements:
 Dog must weigh over 35 lbs.
 Be between the ages of 9 months and 7.5 years
 Dog must have no previous history of serious diseases
 Dog must maintain regular veterinary care and vaccines
 Dog must be on heartworm prevention monthly.

Did you know a single blood donation can save up to 4 lives?

Did you know your dog can donate right here at KAH?

For more information please call our office at 301-631-6900 or the Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank Staff at 1-800- 949- 3822.


Mon – Fri: 7:45am – 6:00pm
Sat:    7:45am – 1:00pm