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Calendar Girl!

Wow!!!  Brandy is a calendar girl!

It’s true.  We just learned that Brandy is Miss January in the nationally distributed Toyota 2008 Dog Days Calendar.  Even though the picture is so good that it looks like it was taken in a photography studio, Brandy’s dad actually took the picture himself.  Give them both a Milkbone!  That’s a really good picture and Brandy looks great!
p.s.  Brandy was adopted as a puppy and never new anything about her biological family.  She always felt like she wanted to know more about her roots, so in early May, she completed some genealogy research in our hospital.  DNA testing revealed that Brandy has a lot of Chow in her family and lesser amounts of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and French Bulldog. Want to find out what’s in your dog’s recipe?  Ask us how.


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