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Bordetella and Canine Influenza, Oh My!


Bordetella, commonly referred to as “Kennel Cough”, is a highly contagious respiratory disease seen in dogs.   Bordetella causes inflammation of the bronchi and trachea and the most common clinical sign is a dry, hacking cough.  Dogs exposed to doggy dense areas within Frederick, MD and surrounding areas, such as, dog parks, kennels, grooming facilities, and doggy daycare are at increased risk of getting Bordetella.  It is contracted via inhalation, so if your dog comes in contact with an infected dog, the chances of him getting it is very high.  Protect your dog against Bordetella by taking him to your veterinarian for a Bordetella vaccine.  Keeping your dog protected will ensure that his risks are decreased considerably.

Canine Influenza, also known as dog flu, is a contagious respiratory disease seen in dogs.  It was originally recognized in 2004 and is caused by a specific strain of influenza virus.  The most common clinical signs of Canine Influenza are cough, runny nose, and fever.  Canine Influenza virus is most commonly contracted by exposure to aerosolized respiratory secretions, or contaminated objects, and cannot infect people.  Just like Bordetella, dogs that are at risk are those that frequent doggy dense areas on a more regular basis.  The best way to protect your dog from Canine Influenza is to vaccinate for it. 

If your dog has a cough and you are concerned it may be Bordetella or Canine Influenza, call Kingsbrook Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment.  Your dog’s doctor can determine if one of these respiratory diseases is infecting your dog and take the appropriate measures to get him back on the road to good health.


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