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Birth Control for Deer

Birth control for deer has now been approved for use in Maryland. Thebirth control is actually a vaccine. It causes the deer to produceantibodies against a hormone, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH),which triggers production of sex hormones. This is different fromother birth controls because it actually stops the animals fromexhibiting dangerous and destructive mating behaviors which can beresponsible for the autumn increase in collisions between cars anddeer. (There are approximately 1.5 million deer-auto collisions and anaverage 150 people die each year. They also cause an estimated $1billion in property damage per year.) The vaccine lasts for 5 yearsand while designed for deer, it can be used in other animals as well.

The entire article can be viewed athttp://news.discovery.com/animals/deer-birth-control-could-prevent-collisions-110901.html


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