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Austin’s Journey Home

“Hey there y’all.” My name is Austin and I came the whole way from North Carolina to live with my new mama, Jen. She works at this really cool place where I get cheese out of a can and tons of pets and hugs. Anyway, she wants me to tell my story, so here it goes. I jumped off of the sofa one day at my old house and OUCH! my back REALLY hurt! My other mama took me to the doctor and he said I had something called a slipped disc in my spine. I’m not sure what all that means but my back hurt and then my legs quit workin’…It was really scary!
My old mama said that I needed special care, so I went to live with a really nice lady named Yolanda in Virginia, she was my foster mom (whatever that means). She gave me lots of TLC and exercises to make my legs work a little better. She also gave me the best present ever – a cart to use since my back legs don’t work! I can run and play just like before and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.
So now I live with Jen and we go for fun walks around the neighborhood and I get to meet new people all of the time. I like to hang out in the tall grass while she mows and chill on the patio with her and her friends. I have my own big bed with lots of toys that squeak, which are definately my favorites! Riding in the car is really fun too, it’s like a really big cart with these things that blow cold air on you and music that we both sing to ( I am definately a better singer because of my southern roots!). I love mealtime too. Mom says I am a big eater for such a small guy!
So, I’m pretty much a regular ‘ol Dachshund, except for my cool cart. If you’re lookin’ for an awesome new pal, or have some extra money to help out a sick fellow, check out my friends at http://www.drna.org/.
“Austin” is a rescue from Dachshund Rescue of North America.


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