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APCC Looks Back at 2012

Hey Everyone!

The ASPCA sent out this report for 2012- just some interesting facts and food for thought.
APCC Looks Back at 2012
It’s fun to review the past year and take stock of your accomplishments. Here we look back at the number of pets we were able to help, the most bizarre qustions we received, and of course the most common toxins we were asked about.
In 2012, we opened 180,320 cases. Wow, that’s a lot of animals helped! the No. 1 breed we received calls about was the Labrador Retriever; the second most popular naughty dog was the Chihuahua. The unusual species we helped was a Fur Seal.
Top 10 toxins for 2012
1. Human medications
2. Insecticides
3. Over-the-counter human products
4. Veterinary products
5. Household products
6. Food
7. Chocolate
8. Plants
9. Rodenticides
10. Lawn & garden products
Lovely, Lethal Lilies
While April showers bring May flowers, the Easter bunny brings lots of lily exposures. Last year, APCC handled 558 cases involving cats exposed to lilies (Lilium or Hemerocallis sp). According to one study only 27 percent of owners whose cats were exposed to a lily knew it was toxic prior to the pet being exposed. While it only takes a small amount to potentially cause renal failure, if it is caught quickly, steps can be taken to prevent life-threatening problems. Please make sure your clients are aware of this dangerous kitty toxin!
National Poison Prevention Week
Did you konw that March 17-23 is National Poison Prevention Week? To celebrate this very important week, we will be hosting special events, including a radio tour to help educate the public about preventing pet exposures to toxins. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the exciting details!


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