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Adopting Mindy

Adopting Mindy

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Pet adoption is something no one should enter into lightly. It takes a lot of thought and consideration to make a sound decision about making a lifelong commitment to an animal. Being a veterinary technician, many animals have crossed my path and I have chosen on more occasions than not, I should  make that lifelong commitment. It is hard to explain why certain animals tugged at my heart strings more than others but the choices I’ve made have always been with the intention to care for my pets until death.

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Broken Left Leg

Mindy came to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital after being picked up by Frederick County Animal Control as a stray. She had an obviously fractured left hind leg and came to us for radiographic evaluation of the fracture. Upon taking the x-rays it was discovered that her left hind leg had multiple breaks of 3 bones in her leg. It was decided that the best option for then, Elsa, was to return to the shelter and cage rest for 6-8 weeks to allow the fractures to potentially heal. On that first visit I was immediately impressed at this little dogs resiliency. Despite an incredibly painful injury she was very vibrant, energetic and incredibly friendly and outgoing. Her actions lent to the fact that her pain tolerance was likely very high.

Healed fracture

When she returned to clinic 4 weeks later for follow up radiographic evaluation, I had the opportunity to spend time with her and on some level she spoke to me and my heart was won over. I rationalized that even with good healing of her breaks that her leg was susceptible to early arthritis and that weight management and joint supplements would be crucial to her comfort in the future. I was worried that someone without my medical understanding of her injury would let these things go by the wayside. At least, this is what I told myself to validate my decision to adopt her.

Over time, her injuries have healed very well, she has never complained, and is quite spry and energetic. I keep her on the thin side and give her Dasuquin, a joint supplement, every day. She also eats J/D, a prescription diet made by Science Diet, that helps preserve joint function and comfort. She is a sweet, kind and loving dog that gives us a great deal of joy. We are very lucky to be able to care for her.

Adopting a pet is incredibly rewarding because you are ultimately giving a living creature a second chance at a good life!


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