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HI! My name is Popeye, and I’m one of the nicest (and best looking, if I do say so myself) Pekingese dogs you will every meet.  Last week, my Mommy took me to the vet because I had started sneezing.  The doctor examined me and sent me home on some medicine.  He said he hoped it was just allergies, but told my Mommy to watch me closely and let him know if I kept sneezing.

After a few days,  I really started to feel uncomfortable, like there was something tickling my nose all of the time.  I started to get bloody noses after sneezing.  That really scared my Mommy & she rushed me back to Kingsbrook.  They seemed worried too!  They took some blood to run some tests, and then they gave me some medicine that made me sleepy.  When I woke up, I felt much better! 

One of the nice technicians told me that when I was asleep, they took a small scope and looked up my nose.  At first they couldn’t find anything, but eventually, they saw something that didn’t belong in my nose.  She said they used a special tool that could fit up my tiny nose that was able to grab whatever the strange object & pull it out.  It turns out it was a piece of a pine tree branch almost 1 inch long!  Ouch!   It must have gone up my nose while  I was sniffing around a tree!  Boy am I glad they found it & got it out of my poor nose!  I guess I need to be more careful when I go out to sniff.



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