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A special needs cat seeks a home!

Chase, a sweet-natured, 8-month old gray cat, was recently diagnosed with feline leukemia in his bone marrow. Although he tested negative for feline leukemia with the blood test, and thus is probably not shedding the virus, he could at some future stage infect other cats. As a result, Chase needs a home where he is an only cat or lives with other feline leukemia positive cats. Right now, Chase is eating like a horse, plays, is exceptionally loving, and his gums are a healthy pink! Currently, Chase must be confined since he cannot be with my other foster cats.

Chase is a beautiful, sweet boy who clearly wants to live! I cannot euthanize him while he is still playing, eating, and full of pep!

I will pay for his food and medication (2 pills once a day) for the duration of his life; Chase deserves to have a nice life for whatever time Chase has. If Chase’s anemia returns, there is little that can be done for him. If, on the other hand, he continues to get stronger and becomes less anemic, he may have a chance to enjoy a few years.

Right now he is a delight! He plays, he is sweet-natured, and loves to be around other cats and people.

I would greatly appreciate any help, advice, or suggestions. Email me at Mary@awlfc.org .


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