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A Cinderella Story

My name is Cinderella (a.k.a. Cinder) and until recently I was a homeless kitty.  A little while ago I decided a brush pile would make a cozy place to find shelter from the elements.  I had no idea that the brush pile was only there as a way to get rid of some twigs & leaves left over from cleaning up someone’s yard.  Can you imagine how scared I was when one day, someone lit my new home on fire! 

The poor people whose brush pile I had made my nest in saw me crawl out & rushed me to the animal shelter right away.  I had burns on my paws and my face and neck were singed by the flames.  I was swiftly transferred to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, where they took me in, treated my wounds and gave me medicine to make the pain go away.  They also set me up in their hospital with my own  little condo with a soft bed and room service to boot!  Sure beats living in a pile of yard waste!  
My feet are still bandaged, but they feel much better.  My foster Aunties at Kingsbrook  take the bandages off every day, then soak my feet in a soothing solution, apply medicine & wrap them up again.  The view here is great!  I get to see everyone who comes in and there is never a dull moment.  So many people stop by to say “Hi” to me, and my Aunties tell me that I’m such a sweet cat that I’m sure to find a great permanent and indoor home.  


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