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Client satisfaction is a top priority at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital

The number one reason people bring their pets to Kingsbrook Animal Hospital is because of the people who work here. Our Receptionists, Technicians and Doctors are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, plus they know how to care for pets and the people attached to the other end of the leash.

Online Reviews:

“Professional, Friendly, and Really Care!”

The staff at KAH are professional, friendly, and really care about me and my pets. They truly understand that your pets are part of your family. Even though I recently moved and KAH is not as convenient of a location anymore (thank goodness for Saturday appointments!), I still come to KAH because no other veterinary facility I have visited seems to compare. - Suzee Parsons - 2018-11-19

“No Place Compares!”

I used to live in Frederick and that is how I found out about Kingsbrook. I moved since to Charles Town, WV and no place compares and I now make the 40 min commute to continue to bring in my kitties to your office. Thank you for being so kind. - Kelli Kim - 2018-11-18

“Singing Your Praises!”

Thank you so much for the incredible treatment! I will Be singing your praises to everyone I know. - Amanda Wise - 2018-11-17

“Thanks Dr, Walker and Sam!”

The exam was very comprehensive with complete explanations. Thanks Dr, Walker and Sam for the understanding, kindness and care you showed for Laila. - David Shumberger - 2018-11-13

“The Staff Was Super Friendly!”

Im happy with the Service I got all the staff was super friendly. I got all my questions answer and my dog got treated real good. - Marvin Lazo - 2018-11-11

“We are Transferring our Cats to Kingsbrook!”

Kingsbrook worked our cat in, even though we were clients at another vet clinic. The care of our cat by Sabrina Palm and all of the staff was great, and we are transferring our cats to Kingsbrook as a result. The front desk staff was terrific, too. We were impressed with every aspect of our visit but especially grateful for the care of our cat. - Robert Cornet - 2018-11-08


LOVE! - David Beers - 2018-11-07

“Thank you for the excellent care!”

The only thing I don’t like is the price, but the care can’t be beat. Our old vet told us that our cat was mean and needed to have calming medicine before coming in. This did NOT sound like our sweet kitty who comes for pets any time people come into our house, and even goes up to crawling babies and lets them “pet” her. When we switched offices, we were amazed to see how good the staff at KAH are with her. They do everything to make her feel comfortable and safe and to prevent pain. She came home from her surgery and VERY happy kitty, wanting lots of pets and attention from everybody, but content to stay where we had her things set up. Thank you for the excellent care. She obviously feels much better now, and that’s all we could ask for. - Jocelyn Basturescu - 2018-11-07

“Such Caring People!”

Such caring people! - Anita Ebinger - 2018-11-4

“Care and Attention!”

I really appreciate the care and attention the entire staff gave to Sparkles. She is doing much better! - Mary ( Mel ) Litter - 2018-11-4

“Thank you Dr. Cardella!”

Thank you Dr. Cardella for your patience with Abbie! Your staff too is very sweet to her with her appreciation about coming to the vet! It made for a smooth visit! - Cindy Shade - 2018-11-4

“I Love the Service!”

I love the service Kingbrook provides! - Consuelo Ariza - 2018-10-30

“You all are Fantastic!”

You all are fantastic! Jewel is in the best hands, and we appreciate it so much! - Chris Martin - 2018-10-23

“Always a Pleasure!”

Its always a pleasure to bring Rusty for a visit to KAH! - Donna Sobieski - 2018-10-23

“Best Hands Veterinary Medicine Offers Today!”

Thanks to all the wonderful, caring staff who supported our kitten Zoe (and us) during her recent run of ill health. From the front desk staff to techs to vets, we felt completely sure she was in the best hands veterinary medicine offers today. Happy for a happy ending! - Sarah Bro, DVM - 2018-10-23

“Dr. Kemper is such a Great Veterinarian!”

Dr. Kemper is such a great veterinarian. Very patient with my jumpy live wire 4-legger, kind, knowledgeable, and asks if I have any questions. All of the staff are always welcoming and happy to see us. - Jonathan Shatlock - 2018-10-21

“Excellent Service!”

Excellent service, as usual. - Cynthia Wood - 2018-10-20

“The Staff is so Friendly!”

The staff is so friendly and helpful every time we come and treat our dog like one of their own!! - Krista Townsend - 2018-10-16

“Very Friendly!”

The entire staff was very friendly and very helpful. - Christopher Rivera - 2018-10-14

“Happy Sol!”

Sol said he enjoyed his visit very much. He especially liked hearing how handsome he is. He loves his new diet. The cats and I look forward to seeing you again as we get their physicals completed. - Mary Lynn Giggleman - 2018-10-13

“Always Friendly!”

The doctors and staff are always friendly and thorough. - Mark Hahn - 2018-10-10

“Happy Bunny!”

While not the least expensive vet around, I was very happy with the comprehensive exam and recommendations. I was not pressured into expensive tests. In fact, the doctor recommended against them for the time being because of the stress it may cause my bunny (they are super sensitive to all things external when ill). Since the treatment would likely be similar for all of the conditions we thought it may be, we went that route and focused on pain management and easing his breathing first. I am very happy to say, it appears that was the right course of action because barely 24 hrs later, my bun has perked right up! Love this practice! - Leah Fleming - 2018-10-09


Vet techs were amazing and extremely compassionate. - Jessica Lachewitz - 2018-10-08

“Thank You All So Much!”

God bless each and everyone of you for helping to save our baby boy’s life! Hes still guarded but doing better. Thank you all so much, with much love... Chet Debbie and Riley - 2018-10-06

“Very Kind and Friendly”

The vet was very throrough and never felt like I was being rushed. Listened well and all staff were very kind and friendly. - Jaclyn Teisch - 2018-10-06

“ITrust No One Else!”

Highly highly recommend Kingsbrook! I have a challenging pup and they go above and beyond to accommodate us! I trust no one else with my furbabys needs. - Erin Riley - 2018-10-03

“Comfortable and Calm!”

We love the staff and the way they treat our dog. They make us feel comfortable and calm while we are there. - April Santilli - 2018-10-02

“Everyone at KIngsbrook is wonderful!”

Everyone at KIngsbrook is wonderful and I have watched it grow over more than 14 years. Veterinary care is a big part of the budget and a person needs to trust that it is being done with care and expertise and I have never bee disappointed. The feedback has always been complete and in a timely fashion The front desk is wonderful! I never feel like I am being ignored or being a bother. Thank you KIngsbrook - Sheila Levin with Harry Diamond and Maia - 2018-10-02

“Best Vets in the Area!”

The Vets at Kingsbrook are the best in the area. They are very knowledgable about the problems that their patients are experiencing and can guide the pets Moms and Dads how best to handle the patients condition. I recently brought my Papillon. Bouree to see Dr. Walker. He was having airway issues that plague small dogs. He sounded terrible and I was very concerned (scared) cause he is my joy and best friend. She discussed the situation with me and what the usual therapies are and how best to attack Bourees problem. My Pap does not like pills so he is very hard to get medication in to. She very nicely had his meds made into liquid form. Hes not real thrilled even with the flavors but I can get the liquids into him. That is a big part of his therapy. The vets at Kingsbrook are very intuned to their patients, owners and how to help both best. Ive been going to Kingsbrook for 18 years and I wouldnt go anywhere else. - Willa Little-Gratz - 2018-9-27

“Incredible Care and Service!”

Kingsbrook dr’s, tech’s, and staff are the best! Wouldn’t take Rosie anywhere else. Incredible care and service! Thank you! - Tracy Solomon - 2018-9-26

“The Best of the Best!”

The best of the best. Thank you for always looking forward while working in the present. Your kindness and empathy mean the world to our family. - Rebecca Drews - 2018-9-19

“Scared Pet? No Problem!”

We appreciate very much how well you treat us and our dog Junie, who doesn’t love the vet. You never make us feel bad for having a dog that doesn’t love the vet and instead work with us to make sure she can still get the care she needs. Thank you! - Kati Habert - 2018-9-16

“Friendly and Courteous”

As usual.... everyone at Kingsbrook was friendly and courteous. Appointment was on time... All charges and procedures were thoroughly explained. My Little Denny is always smiling and wagging his tail when he arrives at Kingsbrook as well as when he leaves. Cant imagine taking my dog to any place else. - Shirley Hendel - 2018-9-15

“We love Kingsbrook!!!”

We love Kingsbrook!!! - Tammy O’Neill - 2018-9-15

“Love Kingsbrook Animal Hospital”

Love Kingsbrook Animal Hospital. The staff is always kind, considerate and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our four legged kids are taken care of! I love that they can squeeze us in at a moments notice. - Ellen Glenn - 2018-9-08

“I love Dr. Jenny Lynch”

I love Jenny Lynch. She has such a wonderful empathetic approach and makes both pet and pet mom feel comfortable!! Everyone is so attentive, warm and caring. I feel like my doggies are in good hands. Thank you all for your sense of mission. - Dina Madrid - 2018-9-07

“All staff were great!”

All staff were great! Aaron was really nice and so pleasant! - Mary Bell - 2018-9-05

“Love and Attention”

All of you are amazing! And I thank you so much love and attention you guys give our very anxious token!! - Marc, Sophie and Token - 2018-9-02


Everyone we came into contact was AMAZING!! The customer service they give is excellent!!! I can’t say enough about the staff! - Paula Baran - 2018-9-02


Drs. Cardella and Cook always treat our dogs with TLC and take the time to answer all of our questions! - Heather Strosnider - 2018-8-24


LOVE ME SOME KINGSBROOK STAFF!!!! - Diana & Chris Martin - 2018-8-23

“Professional, Friendly and Compassionate!”

I love the staff and the practice overall. Very professional, friendly and compassionate. - Claudia Allen - 2018-8-22

“Very Friendly!”

I would recommend to other colleagues, friends, family and co- workers about this also very respectfully, very friendly, very social n very open mind to discuss n concern. - Melissa McClain - 2018-8-22

“Very Friendly and Professional”

All of the staff members I’ve met have been very friendly and professional. - Elizabeth Pierce - 2018-8-22

“Personal Touch”

I like the personal touch with everyone there and also the fact that you have more than one exotic vet. The fact that you are open on Saturdays avoids taking pet to emergency vet and / or to get medication if urgent in addition to the early evening on-call which makes me feel good to know if I ever need to talk to someone. - Judi Markel - 2018-8-21

“Excellent Vet”

A wonderful visit as usual! Excellent vet. - Kathryn Horvath - 2018-8-21

“Thank You”

Samantha is feeling much better as of this afternoon. Thank you so much she ate some yogurt and drank water. Shes walking and seems to have no nausea. She just started eating her food! - Gina Zabetakis - 2018-8-21

“Very Caring”

Very caring, competent care. Dr. Riley really takes her time with the animals and the techs are well trained in keeping the patients comfortable. We left our old vet because of their indifference to our pets, so this kind of care is very welcome. - Noah Karchmer - 2018-08-19

“Dr. Riley and Kayla were so patient”

Dr. Riley and Kayla were so patient with the pack. I know it was a long appointment but they took whatever time was needed to examine all the dogs and answer any questions. With three senior dogs, I had end of life questions and they were able to give me information and guidance on how to make the decision when the time comes. Thank you. - Barbara Welshofer - 2018-8-17

“Going Above and Beyond”

Kingsbrook has always been the best. They’re friendly, they make all my pets feel comfortable, and they go above and beyond with their client care and service. We love all the doctors, techs, and receptionists! - Forrest Barney - 2018-8-16

“Everyone is Very Caring”

I will always use Kingsbrook. Everyone is very caring, very helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you so very much. - Kerry Peasland - 2018-8-16

“Thank You for the LOVE”

I have been a client of Kingsbrook Animal Hospital for 14 years. The doctors and techs go above and beyond to help with whatever situation you are dealing with. Dr. Walker even stayed late the other night so that she could call and give me the good news about the results of the biopsy. Thank you to all of you for your love and compassion and care of my Pet. - Lucy King - 2018-8-16


Thanks KAH. Everyone there is just so professional and really cares about your pet. Best wishes for the day! - Lisa Bell-Gonzalez - 2018-08-13

“Always Nice”

The Doctors, vet techs and front desk staff are always nice bad provide much needed info about our fur babies. - Bruce Surette - 2018-08-08

“Felt Very Welcome”

I felt very welcome at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital, and the friendly staff made the vet appointment much easier than expected! I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends, and will continue to taking my cat there in the future. - Cheryl Wachter - 2018-08-06

“Love you!”

Love you! Very happy with everything you guys do. - William Purtell - 2018-08-03

“Love KAHs open policy!”

Love KAHs open policy. I am welcome in the back if my pups need to go in that section for anything. I really appreciate being with my animals when blood is pulled etc. The vets and staff are so helpful with any questions. - Kathy & Richard Murphy - 2018-07-31

“I can’t imagine having anyone else care for my pet!”

Kingsbrook has been my choice in veterinary for over 12 years and I can’t imagine having anyone else care for my pet. The staff truly goes above and beyond in caring for both the animals as well as their owners. I trust that the care my pet receives is the best and I am being advised on the proper treatments each time we ever the office. - Anmarie Boutrin - 2018-07-26

“Everyone is Wonderful!”

Everyone is wonderful! - Rachel Brown - 2018-07-25

“Dr. Lynch is so Kind!”

Dr. Lynch is so kind and knowledgeable. She really makes you feel comfortable with all the information about your pet. She takes time to answer all of your questions. She makes you feel like your pet is as important to her as it is to you. So happy with Kingsbrook. The employees that work at the front desk are also top knotch. They answer the phone with such kind voices and really make you feel at ease. - Mary Clare & Mark Wagoner - 2018-07-25

“Great Vets and Staff!”

Great vets and staff! - Corinne McQuillen - 2018-07-28

“Very Friendly and Helpful!”

Very friendly and helpful. Patient and explained everything. No secrets for cost of services. Definitely going back and would refer anyone there! - Kaitlyn Dunn - 2018-07-29

“You guys are the BEST!”

You guys are the best! - Colin O’Dell - 2018-07-29

“KAH give my cats the BEST ATTENTION!”

My cats deserve the best care. I pay a lot of money to get them the best care possible. All the doctors and the rest of the staff at KAH give my cats the best attention and love possible. I just wish I had bottomless pockets. - Kim Thrasher - 2018-07-29

“Animal Love Shows In Everyone!”

Great visit with Furgie. Animal love shows in everyone there. - Ann Schuster - 2018-07-24


Thanks for the great care you give to my cat, Buttons. - Vicky Henneberger - 2018-07-19

“VERY Friendly!”

The staff are very friendly and show genuine concern about the patients and their family! - Arielle Shander - 2018-07-18


Everyone was so patient with my anxious dog! It was her first appointment- Dr. Cardella and the technician took care to ensure that Casey had a productive positive experience. Everyone was just so friendly and welcoming! I really feel that she is in good hands. - Kate Steinwandel - 2018-07-17

“Won’t go anywhere else!”

I have been coming here for a very long time. Won’t go anywhere else! - Leilani Ann Rubio - 2018-07-17

“We Can’t Say Enough Great Things About KAH!”

My husband and I truly appreciated the love and compassion that went into our Chet’s care on our last visit. Aaron, Jene, and Dr. Davis helped us feel at ease and took their time with Chet to make sure he hadn’t sustained any injuries. Thank you for treating Chet as if he were your own, we can’t say enough great things about KAH! - Allison & Dan Smith - 2018-07-18

“You All Were Amazing!”

I love how kind you all are to my dogs. The only reason it is not a 10 is because I am often referred out for the slightest thing. I love Dr. Kemper because he tries to keep my needs within Kingsbrook. In addition, I feel your vaccines might be a bit off this year. I was told that youve had a lot of reactions this year but just because there have been so many dogs being vaccinated. However, Buddy has never had a reaction until this year. You all were amazing when I called, but I would like to request your vaccinations this year. Thank you for all you do. - Lisa Pershan - 2018-07-12

“You are All Family to Us!”

I tell everyone I know about Kingsbrook. You are all family to us and our fur babies. - Michael & Susan Campbell - 2018-07-10

“Thanks for All You Do!”

Our dog had a hot spot, and a culture was taken for screening. It would have been nice to know how long we would be waiting for the results...It just seemed like a long appointment. It took over an hour and a quarter. We still appreciate the high quality of care Kingsbrook gives to our pets. Thanks for all you do!” - Jennifer Clark - 2018-07-09

“Kindness, Caring and Extraordinary!”

We love the care and skill with which everyone at KAH takes care of our babies. The entirety of the staff from those front desk, techs and the doctors all treat every animal with a great deal of kindness, caring and extraordinary skill. - Daria & Jim Steinhardt - 2018-07-08

“Helpful and Knowledgeable!”

Your staff is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. - Liz Legrand - 2018-07-07

“SO Friendly!”

The people are so friendly! Rush is great with our Brandybuck! - Alanna Andrews - 2018-07-05

“They are the best!”

Have brought our dogs here for 11 years. They are the best. - Tom & Maureen Howard - 2018-07-04


Amazing and caring staff! - Susan Watson - 2018-07-04

“Lainey was very SWEET and Dr. Cardella was INFORMATIVE”

Lainey was very sweet and Dr. Cardella was informative. We really appreciate that you take pictures to show us and took the time to explain our options. Thank you! - Donald Caldwell -2018-07-04

“Wonderful Staff!”

Wonderful staff...awesome location. - Malissa Hiers-Wilkison - 2018-06-30

“The Staff Makes me SO Happy!”

I have never been so happy with the staff at Kingsbrook! - Shelly Gladhill - 2018-06-30

“Always the BEST!”

Kingsbrook is always the best!! - Linda & Ron Gordon - 2018-06-30

“Love the STAFF!”

Love the staff at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital! - Tara Mann - 2018-06-28

“Exemplary in EVERY WAY!”

The doctors and staff at Kingsbrook are exemplary in every way. Their caring and competence are unmatched. I would never hesitate to recommend them for care of a beloved animal. - Patricia McCabe - 2018-06-28

“Everyone is Always Helpful”

Everyone is always helpful and so nice. Thank you - Brenda Hoffman - 2018-06-28

“Always SO Great!”

You guys are always so great to us and most importantly our pets. Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping our pets Keri and Bacon healthy. - Michael Dougherty - 2018-06-27

“Incredibly KIND and Patient!”

Every staff member that I’ve had any interaction with has been so friendly and nice. My dog is super scared of new places/doors, so needless to say trips to the vet aren’t even remotely enjoyable for my dog. However, everyone has been so incredibly kind and patient with me and with my dog. They are awesome! - Kelli Steinberg - 2018-06-26

“Very GRATEFUL for Dr. Cardella”

Dr. Cardella has taken wonderful care of Jingle Bells! Very grateful for her kindness and professionalism. I also appreciate the vet tech whose name I cant remember (she had straight auburn or dark hair). Whoever she is, she drew JBs blood so quickly and competently. She also answered a number of my questions. Thanks to everyone at Kingsbrook. - Yvonne Webster - 2018-06-25

“So HAPPY to have found them!”

Everyone was so friendly and genuinely concerned for my cat. So happy to have found them!!! - Candace Stevens - 2018-06-25

“A GREAT Group of People”

A great group of people. Caring and welcoming. great with our bird. - Kathy Lamm - 2018-06-25

“An EXCELLENT Practice!”

Have already referred friends. An excellent, caring veterinary practice! - Renee Martin - 2018-06-25

“You Guys ROCK!”

You guys rock Winston’s world. Thanks for taking such good care of him! - James Osborne - 2018-06-24

“LOVED the Staff There!”

Loved the staff there! They were so helpful and made us feel that our kitten Lazarus was in good hands. Would recommend to everyone. - Hillary Figurelle - 2018-06-22

“Everyone was SO NICE!”

I was very nervous because my dog was in a lot of pain. Everyone was so nice to both Tula and me!! - Hans Zeigler - 2018-06-22


Dr. Jenny Lynch and all the staff were so compassionate, nonjudgemental, and supportive during a very difficult and emotional visit. Im so grateful! - Jen Sincevich - 2018-06-22

“AMAZING & Friendly Staff!”

The staff was amazing and very friendly also very helpful, and lets not forget very sweet! - Amanda Ash - 2018-06-21

“LOVE the Kingsbrook Staff and Vets!”

Love the Kingsbrook staff and your veterinarians are all amazing. We appreciate the good care you give our animals. Especially, kudos to Nora, who is always so warm and friendly to us. Thanks! - Karen Kitzel - 2018-06-21


Dr. Cardella and staff were great. They provided gentle care for my daughters nervous little bird, Oz. Well be back and we will refer any friends to Kingsbrook. - Ray Speciale - 2018-06-19


I absolutely love this office! Prices are high, but so is the care so it is 100% worth it. Thank you guys for always treating my baby as if he were your own. - Alexandra White - 2018-07-21


The entire staff is awesome. Friendly professional and most of all the genuine care they show for Corleone. Thank you - John Mancini - 2018-07-21


Everyone at KAH is friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. - Jennifer Orton - 2018-07-21


Great people and great care! - Sherry H. - 2018-07-20


Great experience every time. The staff is friendly, always making your pet feel special. Dr. Cook is the best!!! - Joy & Carl Huddleson - 2018-07-20

Great veterinarians

We are glad to have found you all! Great veterinarians, great clinic, and great staff. - Lynne Little - 2018-07-19

“Thankful for the AMAZING staff”

Thankful for the AMAZING staff at Kingsbrook for taking such good care of my pup yesterday when he went in for his first ever dental evaluation and cleaning. The whole process from start to finish could not have went any better and our pup now has a much healthier mouth. - Amy Crocker - 2018-03-08

“The caring and care of my dog was beyond expectations! ”

The caring and care of my dog was beyond expectations! They even asked about my other dog by name. In addition, when I went in the next day, everyone remembered me and my dogs name. - Lisa Pershan - 2018-03-10

“Dr. Cook is the best”

Received extremely good care, as usual. The tech, Aaron, was just as personable as he could be. Dr. Cook is the best, always have a positive experience with him. The practice was busy that day, but they all kept things moving right along. My precious border collie, Jaxon, is feeling much better already. - Joy & Carl Huddleson - 2018-03-13

“They genuinely care about my dog”

The whole team at Kingsbrook is amazing. They genuinely care about my dog and when he’s sick they do everything they can to help him. They treat him as if he’s their own and treat me wonderfully! I won’t take my dog anywhere else. You pay for what you get and you get the best at Kingsbrook. - Anonymous - 2018-03-16

“They always do what best for you and your Furbabies”

Understanding, caring and loving atmosphere. Everyone listens to your issue. They follow up research and several game plans . They always do what best for you and your Furbabies of all kinds. - Joan Pruitt - 2018-03-28

“Thank you, Drs Cardella, Davis and Cook”

As always, my dogs get the very best and gentlest care at Kingsbrook. They know each of theirquirks, so handle them accordingly .... which is appreciated by me and my dogs! The vets take the time to explain what they are doing and why ... and what I can do or watch for at home. I travel past at least 20 other vet hospitals to go there ... but they are worth it!!! Thank you, Drs Cardella, Davis and Cook ... and their great staff! - Jill Siegel - 2018-04-15

“Dr. Riley and Julie and anyone else involved did a great job”

I was impressed with how great Charlies teeth looked after his cleaning. I think Dr. Riley and Julie and anyone else involved did a great job keeping him calm and comfortable. They took very good care of him and let me know what was going on every step of the way. Thank you! - Karen Tate - 2018-04-16

“The team there was fantastic from start to finish”

I’m a new client to Kingsbrook and I have a very reactive dog. The team there was fantastic from start to finish in making sure our visit was as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend them! - Sarah Cain - 2018-04-19

“I am so appreciative of the care and attention given to my girl”

As always my Zeba and his neurotic mom were treated with the best care possible. Dr. Jenny and super tech Nora were in contact with me before, during and after surgery. I am so appreciative of the care and attention given to my girl and for extreme patience given to me. Thank you so very much. - Rhonda Garber - 2018-04-19

“Great customer service”

The staff is excellent,from the front desk personnel to the Vet techs and the Veterinarians. Great customer service and always willing to help - Michael Hernandez - 2018-04-20

“The customer service is like none other!”

KAH is filled with fabulous staff, whose compassion and warmth literally shines out of them. Whether on the phone or in person, I always feel like the person assisting me is interested in my situation and focused entirely on me and my animal. The customer service is like none other! I appreciate that the services are not cookie cutter and mypersonal interests and needs are always considered. Truly, I love my KAH family! I cannot recommend them highly enough....5 stars equals excellent, and they are definitely that. - Stephanie Smith - 2018-04-21

“Genuine appreciation [...] for our fur babies”

Im always overwhelmed by the level of care and genuine appreciation the staff all have for our fur babies. - Anonymous - 2018-04-23

“Excellent veterinary care and above and beyond customer service”

I’ve been taking my dogs to KAH for close to 4 years. Excellent veterinary care and above and beyond customer service. Best of all they treat my dogs like the important family members they truly are. - Eileen Lisker - 2018-04-26

“Good experience!”

Friendly informative, good with animal. Happy positive. Good experience. - Jay Wildesen - 2018-05-07

“Thank you so much!”

Took great care of our 10 year old, 135lb, big baby boy while getting a broken tooth pulled and the rest cleaned :) Thank you so much! - Wendy & Steve Robertson - 2018-05-13

“They are fabulous with your pet and listen”

Dr. Riley and staff are compassionate and caring professionals. They are fabulous with your pet and listen and address all of your concerns and/or needs in regards to your pet. Our dog, Jaxson, loves the entire staff. - Diane Kusky - 2018-05-17

“The front staff were friendly and informative”

Wonderful facility! The front staff were friendly and informative. The vet techs and vet doc were attentive, gentle and kind to my furry baby. Amazing i They are a 10 not a 5.! - Anonymous - 2018-05-25

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