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Behavior Resource

The Animal Behavioral Resources Institute is a non-profit organization where leading professionals in animal behavior and training can share their expertse & experiences. Their website features videos and articles relating to animal behavior, allowing us to enrich our relationships with the animals we love. Check it out at (

National Veterinary Technician Week

October 11-17, 2009 is National Veterinary Technician Week.

Veterinary technicians are trained professional support staff who provide assistance to veterinarians and biomedical/laboratory researchers. Technicians provide patient monitoring, animal restraint, surgical and dental assistance, laboratory diagnostics, administration of medicines and treatments, anesthesiology among other vital animal care and veterinary clinical tasks.

Some technicians are trained on the job by the veterinarian(s) or other technicians on staff. Some technicians attend schools that offer two or four year degrees in the science of veterinary technology. Upon completion of a formal academic program and after passing state-administered certification tests, one can become registered as a veterinary technician or RVT.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the technicians at Kingsbrook Animal Hospital for their dedication and compassion to the animals in their care.

New Convenient Antibiotic

Antibiotics are wonderful medications to help our loved ones feel better. Sometimes, though, they can be extremely difficult to give. Have your ever chased your cat around the house to give push a pill down it’s throat? Have you ever tried to hide an antibiotic in a piece of ham, cheese, etc. only to find out that Fido spit it out 5 minutes later?

Administering antibiotics can be very frustrating for clients and we are happy to announce that there is another option! Convenia is a injectable antibiotic that is professionally administered at the veterinary office and lasts for up to 14 days of treatment. Convenia is statistically proven to equal a veterinary label, multi day course of oral antibiotics. Convenia ensures that you pet gets the medication it needs without the hassle of daily administration.

The next time your loved one needs antibiotics ask your Veterinarian about the injectable option – CONVENIA!

Oh No! I have to pill my cat!

We all know that cats are difficult to pill. Here are some helpful ways to make it easier and take the anxiety out of medicating our feline friends.

1. Pill Pockets. These are great if your cat loves treats. It is a soft pocket that you place the pill in and conform around the pill to hide it. They come in chicken or salmon flavors.

2. FlavorX. Most pills can be compounded into a liquid and flavored to your cat’s liking.
Flavors range from tuna, fish chowder and chicken pot pie.

3. Felovite and a syringe. We remove the tip off a 3-ml syringe and pull the plunger back. Squeeze a bit of Felovite into syringe then hide the pill in it. Open your cat’s mouth and quickly push the plunger to administer the pill and Felovite.

Ask one of our trusty technicians which option would be best for you and your cat.

Have you pet-proofed your house?

Here are some ways to protect your pet

** Plants- There are lots of plants that we have in our households that can spell trouble for our pets should they get into them. Examples:lilies, azaleas or philodendron are all toxic to dogs and cats. Placing your potted plants out of reach and keeping an eye on your pets when they go into the yard are precautionary steps that can be taken. Furthermore, never use cocoa mulch- it contains caffeine and theobromine which are both potentially deadly to dogs. You can visit and click on “Pet Tips” or the ASPCA website ( to access a more extensive list on dangerous plants.

** Electrical Cords- Cats have been known to burn their mouths from chewing on electrical wires. They seem to be drawn to the cords because they can feel the electricity running through them- which may give them the same adrenaline rush as hunting prey. Safety measures that can be taken include unplugging your electronics when you aren’t using them or decoying wires with tubing to prevent chewing.

** Chew Toys- Imported treats can sometimes be contaminated with salmonella or chemicals. Make sure the goodies are American-made and be aware of how the product(s) are handled and shipped.

Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

Animal shelters are vibrant and exciting places to go; barking, bustling, and busy. You’ll find wonderful animals, many choices for your new companion. Our shelter employees have a wealth of information and experience to offer you about offer you about selecting the right pet for your family. You’ll also find a pet adoption process that’s designed to find a good home for our pets and a good pet for your home.

Our shelter employees will ask a number of questions about you; your pet experience and what you expect from the pet; questions you may not have expected Some people feel that it’s harder to adopt a pet than a child, but we want to insure our pets find good homes and our citizens find the right pet. So hang in there; adopting a pet is worth it.

If you are ready to make a commitment to the right pet, not only will you save a life, you’ll enhance your own. People with pets live longer and recover from illness faster than people who have none. Kids with pets learn empathy earlier than other kids. Research suggests that kids with pets handle family tragedy, such as divorce, better, too and may have fewer problems with allergies.

The Frederick Animal Control Center (FCAC) cares for abandoned and relinquished animals through funding from Frederick County Government. Each year, several thousand animals come into the shelter. While a few hundred of these pets are eventually reunited with their owners, the remaining thousands need new homes. Because the FCAC accepts all unwanted, injured, stray and sick animals in the County, we are often unable to find homes for all the pets in need.

How to Adopt

Find the pet of your dreams, bring your family to the shelter to meet the pet and fill out an application to adopt.

Make an appointment with an adoption counselor the following day. In the meantime we check references you provide.

Our adoption counselors will give you information on integrating your new pet into your household. If we’ve found a good match, you will pay adoption fees and take your pet home. If your pet is not yet altered, our vets will perform the surgery here at the shelter BEFORE you take your pet home